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"All the answers we seek in life are within; it is from within that we find Peace", Rose.


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Innerflection June - July 2018


As I sit in calm meditation, I bring the spirits near and listen to their kind advice and direction.  At times I find physically-self challenged because of the constraints of this world.  Then I am reminded to have faith and trust that all will be as it is destined.  You too should recognize that you must believe in that which we often ignore; that internal voice of guidance.  Follow your inner-calling and walk toward the good and peaceful direction of the spirit.  (No, they will NOT direct you to become negative or hurtful.  Those are not your true guides.  Disregard them and call upon the wisdom of our Great and Wonderful Creator to silence them.) 

With the grand summer days coming upon us now, we will have more opportunity to get out in nature and share the wonders of God with nature.  Find that place of peace and solitude where you can sit under, against the base of a tree, near the water and quietly listen to the message of your guides.

My loved ones be in gratitude for all that is and all that you possess.  Do not lust after your neighbors' possession or despair over what you believe you are missing.  Embrace what is and be happy and thankful, then true blessings will come to you.

Thank you, for all you are and all you do in this world of confusion and lost souls.  We, the spiritually connected, have the answer within us.  Share it.

Many Blessings be upon you!

I feel compelled to extend an offer to contact me for an appointment or consultation either in person or by distance.  I would love to hear from you and share what messages I receive from our guides.


One of my Masters

My Higher Self