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"All the answers we seek in life are within; it is from within that we find Peace", Rose.


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About Us

Located in Framingham, Massachusetts "Pure Self-Reflection™" has been established to help those in need of finding themselves and/or seeking to identify personal implications toward unresolved internal issues to better see their reflection. Through treatments involving Reiki, the alignment of the Chakras, hypnosis, past-life regression, individual guidance, spiritual guidance, meditation and available ancient healing practices Rose can guide each client toward a better self-awareness.

As an independent holistic guide "Pure Self-Reflection" can offer you individual, independent and dedicated service in finding the issues and overcoming the spiritual obstacles that inhibit your spiritual progress to exposing the true potential you have inside.  Rose is dedicated to serving your spiritual well-being; understanding that each person is unique in spirit.  Pure Self-Reflection respects your privacy by offering you assured confidentiality.

Pure Self-Reflection is a non-traditional mental health healer that offers a variety of processes that may lead to greater self-awareness.  Rose, believes that self-awareness or your reflection often holds the key toward moving us to a better being; helping us negotiate through issues of troubled past that could be holding us back or creating an unrecognized fear.  Each individual is unique and each plan will be uniquely yours.  You may be asked to participate in Native American Healings or Spiritual Healings.  You may be exposed to incense and lighted candles with light music that are used to invoke Spiritual Guides and Healers.  Some consultations may evolve into deep, personal discussions where you may be guided back to subliminally hidden memories or past life events.  Each step carries you through a delicate process of rebuilding and recovery.  Some guest may be asked to participate in regression therapy.

There are as many combinations of treatments and therapies as there are clients, be assured that each method is designed to bring you back to the person you want to be.  Some treatments include:

Hypnosis, and holistic healing that are used to help produce major changes in your behavior or may even relieve illnesses, such as hypothyroidism, cancer and anxiety disorders. 

PLR (Past Life Regression) and Age Regression are tools which can go into the unconscious mind where all memory records are kept and change whatever is necessary to make peace within you.  Your past can heal your present.  Through PLR and Age Regression individuals can recognize the cause of her/his illness or behavior thereby improving short-falls or perhaps healing themselves altogether.

Hypnotherapy open the unconscious mind bringing hidden or suppressed memories into the light and exposing them to allow for recovery from hidden fears, anxieties or inhibitions.  The unconscious mind is the power source within each being.  It is the place that holds all the keys which unlock suffering and internal anguish.  Through hypnosis individuals can heal their mind, body, spirit and emotions bringing peace within and positive results without.


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Disclaimer:  Pure Self-Reflection is a nontraditional, holistic establishment that attempts to provide clients with a new perspective of healing and recovery.  Medical and mental issues that have been diagnosed and are being treated or persons that have been prescribed medication should continue to take their medicine and treatments as directed.  Please inform the Therapist of all professionally prescribe treatments. mediations and any allergies.  The Therapist employs Reiki energy healing, chakra alignment techniques, hypnosis and past-life regression.  Treatments may utilize various oils, aromas, incenses, stones and crystals. 

Spiritually natural healing practices and individual consultations are some of the methods used to guide each client to a greater self-awareness.   Let it be understood that much of the practices and procedures employed during these sessions are belief based and the results vary in each person.  Also know that any disclosure of illegal activities, reported abuse to others, self-injury or suicide attempts that pose an immediate threat will be reported to local authorities.  Cases determined to be beyond the scope of the Therapists or that create an emergency will be referred to external services or medical facilities.