Pure Self-Reflection
                                                                               Non-Medical Holistic & Hypnotic Therapy

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"All the answers we seek in life are within; it is from within that we find Peace", Rose.


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Are you prepared to make that change in your life?  

Through a unique combination of hypnotherapy, holistic intervention and crystal therapy Rose can help you find and release any energy or Entity that is negatively affecting your positive progress.


Please check out the "Circles of Wisdom" website for Rose's schedule there.  Providing full sessions, including the John of God Crystal Bed.  Appointments can be made with Circles of Wisdom., Andover, MA.

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News Flash! It has come to our attention that another company is selling candles advertised as "Christ Consciousness Candles on Esty. The "Christ Consciousness" candle design and concept was channeled directly to Rose as a medium in 1999 and is the ONLY authentic Candle blessed by Lord Sananda (Jesus). Don't be deceived by copy cats that have stolen the idea for profit. Many Blessing, Rose.

Divine Enlightenment will lead you toward inner power where all things are possible.  By living in the inner Divine Light you will be the reflection that will lead to the changes you desire. All is inside you if you believe.  Call and allow Rose to introduce you to this truth.




    Find the right solutions to your mental health concerns through spiritual consultation with Rose at Pure Self-Reflection.  Specialized in providing a unique approach to helping you find your inner-self and revive the spiritual balance necessary for you to regain control of life issues and achieve contentment. Offering hypnosis, past-life regression toward the elimination of inner vices such as smoking, emotional weakness and/or weight correction caused by improper intake, balance or excess stress.  Build self-confidence and feel greater control with Reiki energy healing.

    Rose can help you recognize issues that have created unwanted change within you and can guide you toward solutions that will decrease or eliminate potential impacts upon your spirit which manifest within and are exposed to others through your being.  She can guide you toward reshaping your confidence, perspective and assurance in life which impact you, your family and friends.

    Each person is unique and through her individually prepared, spiritual approach success is tailored to each client.  Through regular consultation, meditation and therapy she is able to create achievable resolutions which can assist clients with unresolved control issues, anxiety, depression and other ancestral events that are affecting your life today.

    Rose will find venues to help you establish a different perspective; often leading to a calmer, happier lifestyle that could improve your physical and mental fitness allowing you to face tomorrow with renewed zest.  At "Pure Self-Reflection", Rose uses a holistic and hypnotic approaches that are designed to identify personality traits and internal-external issues that are inhibiting your progress in this life.  (PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT CANCELLATIONS MADE LESS THAN 24 HOURS PRIOR TO AN APPOINTMENT MAY BE CHARGED THE FULL FEE OF THE APPOINTMENT.)

    Rose is committed to help you visualize yourself from an alternate perspective which will allow you to consider life changes that could lead to more success and renewed confidence.  She will introduce and guide you to a spiritual calm that will help you embrace the peace and openness you seek.  Rose truly is dedicated to helping you improve yourself spiritually and personally.

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